Jay Jones


Raised in Arizona and educated in New York. Jay and his family, wife Naomi along with kids Sam, Ian and Kyle have lived in Greensboro, North Carolina since 1995.

Jay has been making mobiles for more that ten years. Working from his garage he began creating mobiles as gifts for family and friends. Today his work can be found in more that two hundred gift shops and over one hundred museum gift shops around the world.



He begin his building career in NY City. Working for the NY Shakespeare Festival, Pee Wee's Play House. Trisha Brown  dance company and Robert Rauschenberg, just to name a few.

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Naomi Keltz-Jones was born and raised in Queens NY. She has been a working artist since she graduated from SUNY Purchase in 1982. Where she graduated with honors with a degree in fine arts.


Prior to joining JFJones Mobiles in 2014 Naomi was an elementary school art teacher in Greensboro North Carolina.



In 2017 she will be reintroducing her very popular line of hand painted drawer pulls. Created in 1996 as a way to help kids with putting their cloths away. The knobs featured illustrations of PJ's, pants, underwear and shirts. In both English and French.

Along with original animal characters and sports themes knobs.



Naomi Keltz-Jones